Stenabolic (SR9009)

Many a time, we attribute so much importance to gaining lean muscle that we tend to overlook the bedrocks on which anabolism is based.

That’s endurance, strength, sleep and recovery.

You will only be able to lift as hard as you want to, if your body has the endurance, the strength and the stamina for the lifts.

Your body’s natural testosterone production and the secretion of growth hormone depends largely on the quality and the duration of restful sleep you get.

And you need to recover fully from the stress that you constantly put your muscles under. Else you end up with sore muscles or torn ligaments.

That’s precisely why Stenabolic or SR9009 is called ‘Exercise in a bottle’

It primes your body to endure the heaviest, most strenuous workout that you subject it to.

SR-9009 alters your circadian rhythms to ensure that you stay focused during the day and sleep like a rock at night.

It puts recovery on steroids. And if that wasn’t enough, it burns fat and improves cardiac health.

Although it is grouped and sold together with other SARMS, it isn’t a SARM.

What is SR9009?

SR9009 is a research chemical that was developed by Scripps research institute under Dr. Thomas Burris.

It is called a ‘Rev-Erba’ agonist, which in simple terms means that it amplifies the action of the ‘Rev-Erba’ group of proteins.

This protein group is associated with a bunch of activities in the body.

Like controlling energy expenditure, utilizing stored fat by turning off the production of glucose without interfering with insulin sensitivity, reducing cholesterol levels, recycling dead mitochondrial cells and swapping them with new ones and balancing circadian rhythms.

Stenabolic (SR9009) dosage

Phase 1 of clinical studies were conducted on mice. And the results, which were published in the ‘Journal of Natural medicine’ were phenomenal to say the least.

SR9009 made the mice leaner, more active, gave them more endurance and enhanced their physical performance. Almost turned obese mice into athletic super mice.

That’s where the attraction for the compound for athletes and bodybuilders stems from.

Having said that, WADA has banned it and categorizes it under S4, which stands for ‘Hormone and Metabolic Modulators’.

How does SR9009 work in the body

By attaching itself to the ‘Rev-Erba’ protein group, SR9009 changes gene expression and amplifies their activity.

So, everything that the proteins control in the body gets amplified.

You will start to burn fat even if you sit on the couch all day and gorge on fries and soda. (Not recommended)

You will feel alert and focused for 12 hours (Due to the short half-life) and get the best sleep of your life in the remaining 12-hours.

Think about the potential uses of a compound like this in a bodybuilding program or for an athlete.

What are the effects of Stenabolic or SR9009?

What makes Stenabolic such a versatile compound is that it can sneak into any type of performance enhancement program without interfering with the action of the other compounds.

Fat loss, it fits right in.

Gaining lean muscle, SR9009 is a great choice.

Body recomposition, the fat loss and the great sleep never hurt.

Why, being a non-hormonal drug, it’s an excellent choice even for females. But if you intend to use it as a standalone compound, then here’s what you can expect from it.

Stenabolic (SR9009) results before and after

Fat Loss:

Stenabolic has a two-pronged approach towards fat loss. Firstly, it increases energy expenditure and forces the body to use fat that’s stored due to glucose uptake. It switches off glucose uptake without having any effect on Insulin sensitivity. Secondly, it amplifies the rate at which new mitochondria is produced, which in turn boosts metabolism, even in the rested state. If your body can burn fat while you sleep, think of what it can do with exercise. You will turn into a fat burning machine without the use of toxic stimulants that can cause jitters or insomnia.


Stenabolic increases your endurance allowing you to go harder. If you are an athlete, you won’t crash as soon as you used to even if you put in your maximum effort. For example, if you reached your maximum heart rate with 30 minutes of HIIT, Stenabolic will allow you to do the same HIIT at 75% of your heart rate. You can squeeze out an additional 10 minutes to reach your max which can make a significant difference in your output.


Stenabolic is one of the only compounds that we’ve seen, which can reduce your total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL cholesterol while leaving the HDL (good cholesterol) intact. This makes it a great addition to any anabolic steroid stack.


By altering your circadian rhythm, Stenabolic will keep you active throughout the day. This makes it a great choice for athletes and bodybuilders who travel frequently and have to miss workouts due to jet lag. The sleep that follows is uninterrupted and restful.


Stenabolic reduces tissue damage and inflammation which allows the body to recover sooner. It phases out old, dead mitochondrial cells replacing them with new ones.

Stenabolic (SR9009) for sale

How to use Stenabolic or SR9009

Most users believe that it is a good idea to start with the lowest possible dose for SR9009 and work your way up as the cycle progresses.

This allows you to minimize the sleep-related side effects.

This makes a 5mg/day dose a good starting point.

You can increase this by 5mg each week in an 8-week cycle.

The maximum recommended dose is 40mg/day by the way.

You can split this into multiple doses throughout the day to keep your energy levels at its peak.

SR9009 is usually available for oral consumption and is touted to have excellent bioavailability.

Having said that, some underground labs also sell injections. We don’t recommend these.

What are the side effects of SR9009?

There haven’t been enough clinical studies to determine the long term side effects of SR9009.

In short term cycles, the compound seems to be well tolerated as long as you stick to the recommended dosage.

Based on anecdotal evidence, 15-20% of the users mentioned insomnia as a possible side effect.

This was controlled when the dosage was lowered or when usage was discontinued.

It could also be attributed to a specific batch of the drug which might be counterfeit.

To sum it up

Stenabolic or SR9009 might someday replace toxic, anabolic steroids in therapeutic applications for treating skeletal muscle diseases.

Until then, it will remain one of the most popular supplements for performance enhancement.

Ensure that you buy authentic SR9009 from a reputed and trusted source though.


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