Think ‘Test Boosters’ and almost instantly, it conjures up images of bright bottles with ‘fancy-colored labels’ featuring juiced up guys with 18-inch biceps.

Yet, all that it might contain is a few measly milligrams of Tribulus Terrestris or Maca root, if you are lucky.

Neither have been scientifically proven to improve endogenous testosterone production in healthy men.

Millions of gullible consumers have fallen trap and guzzled bottle after bottle of these so called testosterone boosters hoping to get a better body or improved libido.

The only thing that they will gain out of it is a mild placebo effect.

That’s why professional athletes and competitive bodybuilders don’t mess around too much.

They go straight away for pharmaceutical grade drugs like Nolva and HCG injections to keep their testosterone levels up during steroid cycles. Or use AAS or TRT depending on their lifestyle goals.

But that’s not a route that a lot of fitness buffs would be willing to take. Would they?

It took us a long time to find a supplement that could be called the ‘middle ground’. Not a SARM or a steroid, mind you.

A proper nutritional supplement that could stimulate the release of free, endogenous testosterone.

Today, we present to you, OSTAZOL, an extremely potent blend of ingredients that will keep your hormonal levels at its optimum best.

OSTAZOL (M1-MK) for sale

What is OSTAZOL?

OSTAZOL is a nutritional supplement that keeps your body functioning at its best. That’s the best way to describe it.

It’s not a testosterone booster. It would be a shame to label it that. Instead, it’s everything an active male needs in one single pill.

It creates a balance in your endogenous hormone levels, it reduces stress hormones, is hepato-protective, keeps the kidneys functioning normally, enhances focus, boosts cardiovascular health and the icing on the cake, it might even help burn fat.

When we first heard about it, we thought that it’s a rip-off. Had to be.

How could something as simple as a supplement do all of this?

So we put it to the ultimate test. We used it during a PCT after our bulking cycle that comprised of Test-Cyp, Deca, Dianabol & Trenbolone.

And we also gave it to two of our team mates (not steroid users) aged 38 & 55 to gauge their reactions to the supplement.

Our experience with OSTAZOL

The first thing that we noticed with OSTAZOL was that we felt a lot better than we usually do.

The lethargy that follows the cycle was replaced by a general feeling of wellbeing. Our mood seemed to be better. Alertness and focus were at its peak.

Usually, after a cycle with three or four compounds, there are days when we can’t drag ourselves to the gym. This time, we had a constant supply of energy that kept us going.

Also, we recovered a lot sooner from the testicular atrophy after the steroid cycle.

One month after using OSTAZOL, we did our bloodwork. Almost all the numbers were back to baseline barring the FSH and Testosterone, which were just below normal levels.

Our liver values are usually way off due to the Dianabol, even with Milk Thistle. This time, they were well within normal range. Estrogen levels were perfect.

We consider that to be testimony enough for its effectiveness.

Our buddies by the way, had equally good results.

Brian, aged 38 was on the verge of hopping on to TRT due to depleting testosterone levels. After one month of OSTAZOL, his test levels have increased by 12%. That’s without making any changes to his diet or exercise routine. He is currently on the fence about opting for TRT.

Lucas, aged 55 was going through a mid-life crisis with this libido having tanked in the past few months. One month of OSTAZOL has restored his performance in the sack. He’s far from the ravaging teenager that he used to be. But there’s a marked improvement in the quality of erections. He also noticed that his body is appearing tighter and fuller than it used to be. A few veins have started to appear here and there as well.

OSTAZOL (M1-MK) results before and after pictures

What are the ingredients in OSTAZOL?

Most people who have been fobbed off with low quality test boosters would want to know what the ingredients in OSTAZOL are.

What is it that separates it from run-of-the-mill products?

It would be impossible to list each and every ingredient. But here’s an overview of the primary ingredients in the supplement.

  • Vit B6-B12: Helps in metabolizing the food you consume and utilizing it for energy. Explains why we have constant energy level.
  • Magnesium: Vital for your bones. Also keeps your heart functioning at its best. As a plus, it keeps anxiety at bay.
  • Calcium D-Glucarate, Zinc, Tongkat Ali: Three ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve natural testosterone levels. Also helps in boosting libido in aging men.
  • Fenugreek: One of the best test boosters that we’ve used ever. Very underrated if you ask us.
  • 3,3’-Diindolylmethane: Estrogen regulator.
  • Muira puama, Ginger, L-dopa: Keeps your hormonal levels balanced and keeps your gonads working even when you are recovering from a shutdown (steroid users).
  • Agmantine Sulfate: Keeps you alert and focused in the gym
  • Creatine HCL: Explains the pumps and the fullness
  • Green Tea: Improves insulin resistance. Might help burn fat.

In full disclosure, you can see the complete ingredient list over here.

OSTAZOL (M1-MK) ingredients

Does it cause side effects?

The only side effects that it can cause are mild headaches, especially if you are allergic to some of the herbs.

In that case, we recommend that you avoid using OSTAZOL altogether.

Otherwise, it does not cause any serious adverse effects.

OSTAZOL vs. Exogenous Testosterone

This is a completely illogical comparison that we hear every now and then.

But it’s the elephant in the room and someone’s got to talk about it.

So here goes.

If you compare the results that you can get with OSTAZOL to that of an exogenous testosterone cycle, then the test cycle will win every time.

You will get bigger, stronger and leaner on exogenous test. But you will also be popping SERMS, possibly AIs and will have to monitor your lipids and other levels closely.

Your natural testosterone production will tank. And you will have to stimulate your HPTA to restart hormonal production by using a bunch of other drugs during PCT.

With OSTAZOL, you can avoid all that. All that you will get are increased testosterone levels and an overall balance in the levels of all other hormones.

Ostazol (M1-MK) Review
  • Boost Testosterone
  • Increase Energy & Endurance

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