Andarine (S4)

A decade or so ago, there were just three to four names that were ubiquitous among SARM users.

Andarine or S-4 was one of them, along with Ligandrol and Ostarine. Maybe BMS-564 as well.

But Andarine definitely topped the charts.

This first generation SARM that was developed for therapeutic uses became so popular, that at its peak, it drew comparisons to Winstrol.

Anybody who’s done AAS or even researched about it would know how powerful a compound Winstrol is.

Even to draw a comparison with Winny is a tall order.

Well, to be honest, Andarine does mimic many of the effects of Winstrol, without the liver toxicity, the baldness and the depression that Winny is infamous for.

But blame it on knee-jerk reactions or bro-science, persistent talks about permanent vision changes caused by Andarine have caused a dent in its popularity off late.

The fact though, is that the sides caused by Andarine are completely manageable provided you know how to use it.

Let’s take a closer look at this amazing compound.

What is Andarine?

GTX Laboratories was researching a compound for its possible therapeutic use in helping treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Osteoporosis and muscle wasting when it discovered Andarine or S-4, S-40503, or 8.

During Phase-I trials, Andarine helped to reduce an enlarged prostate with as much efficacy as drugs like Finasteride do.

It worked specifically by blocking dihydrotestosterone from affecting receptors in the prostate gland.

But, it did not have any anti-androgenic side effects like Finasteride does (Impotence, Lack of libido)

Instead, it had many positive effects, like increased muscle mass, bone density and reduced body fat which eventually caught the eye of athletes and bodybuilders.

When S-40503 was administrated into orchiectomized (ORX) rats for 4 weeks, bone mineral density (BMD) of femurand muscle weight of levator ani were increased as markedly as DHT, but prostate weight was not elevated over the normal at any doses tested. –

Bone Anabolic Effects of S-40503, a Novel Nonsteroidal Selective
Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM), in Rat Models of Osteoporosis

Within no time of the clinical trials being abandoned, Andarine made an appearance in the black market and underground labs.

For more than a decade, it enjoyed unprecedented popularity among users particularly because of its similarity to DHT in boosting muscle mass.

How does Andarine work in the body?

Andarine is a SARM or a selective androgen receptor modulator that binds to the androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue only, sparing the reproductive organs and the endrocrine system completely.

It has excellent oral bioavailability, which means that after oral consumption, it is able to bypass the gastrointestinal system for absorption into the blood stream.

When absorbed into the body, it has a very similar action like testosterone minus the aromatization and the estrogen related sides.

What are the effects of Andarine?

There’s a reason why Andarine is compared to Winstrol.

That’s because just like Winny, Andarine can get you the perfect ‘competition-ready’ physique.

That’s dry, ripped, aesthetic muscles without water retention or fat.

In fact, many users report that the gains they made while on Andarine are similar to what they’d achieved with a stack of Testosterone E, Anavar and Winstrol.

Maybe not as pronounced. But definitely closer to it than anything that you can achieve naturally.

You may not look like an overgrown gorilla. If that’s what you are aiming then go the AAS route.

But if it’s a lean, magazine cover body that you are aiming for, then Andarine might be the ticket to it.

andarine (s-4) results

S-4 treatment greatly improved the muscle strength and body composition and restored or prevented lost bone in ORX rats. The anabolic effects of S-4 in muscle, bone, and body composition were very similar to those observed in DHT-treated ORX animals.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator Treatment Improves Muscle Strength and Body Composition and Prevents Bone Loss in Orchidectomized Rats [PUBMED]

Shredded look:

Just like Winstrol, the effect of Andarine begins within a week with significant loss of water weight. Within a couple of weeks, your muscles look harder and more defined. In a month’s time, you will look shredded and ripped. Please keep in mind that you’d still have to lift hard and eat clean.

The DHT effect:

While it is directly comparable to Testosterone in its action, its muscle growing capabilities are comparable to DHT which is notably stronger and more potent. However, unlike DHT, Andarine does not cause any unwanted sides including BPH.

Fat Loss:

More muscle always results in lower body fat. But Andarine takes it a notch higher by helping the body shred stored fat, which is then utilized for energy. A trimmer waistline is on the cards folks.

Bone Density:

One of the therapeutic uses of Andarine was prevention of bone loss and increasing bone density. For a bodybuilder, that’s increased bone strength which in turn helps them lift better. It also helps reduce the risk of fractures in sensitive joints.

Increased strength:

Oh, you will be lifting at your peak within two to four weeks of using Andarine.

How to use Andarine?

Different users have their own secret recipe for using Andarine.

However, the most seasoned SARMS users recommend starting with a low dose of 20mg/day and increasing it as your body gets adjusted to it.

The maximum upper dose is 50mg/day. But we wouldn’t touch that dose with a barge pole unless it’s our third or fourth cycle with S-4.

Stick to a low dose. You’d get great results anyway without the risks of unwanted sides.

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What are the side effects of Andarine?

Due to its affinity to selective Androgen receptors in the body, Andarine will not cause any major steroid-like sides.

However, it may shut you down or at least cause temporary suppression of your natural testosterone production.

This means that a PCT may be required.

The most widely discussed side effect though is that it can cause temporary vision changes. Some users report a yellowish tinge to their vision while others mention a difficulty in adjusting when they move from a dark room to a bright one.

These changes are more likely at higher doses. Hence the recommendation to begin with the lowest dose.

Also, these changes are reversible and automatically taper off when you discontinue the drug.

To sum it up

Some users mention how Andarine or S4 fell out of favor because of S22 or Ostarine was found to be more powerful and effective.

We can’t comment on that.

But even if you use it as a standalone base SARM, Andarine can help you achieve remarkable results without the toxicity of steroids.

It blends perfectly with other SARMS and may help amplify some of the results that you can achieve with steroids.

Many SARM users recommend using S-4 in an off-cycle phase to help retain and conserve their hard earned muscle.


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